The Inca Massacre in Atahualpa’s Time


The following day, Atahualpa left his camp at midday preceded by a large number of men in ceremonial attire; as the procession advanced slowly, Pizarro sent his brother Hernando to invite the Inca to enter Cajamarca before nightfall. Atahualpa entered the town late in the afternoon in a litter carried by eighty lords; with him there were four other lords in litters and hammocks and five or six thousand men carrying small battle axes, slings and pouches of stones underneath their clothes. The Inca found no Spaniards in the plaza as they were all inside the buildings—the only one to come out was the Dominican friar Vincente de Valverde with an interpreter.

Even though there are different accounts on what Valverde said, most agree that he invited the Inca to come inside to talk and dine with Pizarro but Atahualpa did not agree and instead demanded the return of every single thing the Spaniards had taken since they landed. According to eyewitness accounts, Valverde then spoke about the Catholic religion but did not deliver the requerimiento, a speech requiring the listener to submit to the authority of the Spanish Crown and accept Catholicism.

According to Spanish law, Atahuallpa’s refusal of the Requirement allowed the Spanish to officially declare war on the Inca people. When Atahuallpa coldly asked the priest Valverde by what authority he and his people could say such things, Valverde offered him a BIBLE, saying that the authority derived from the words in it. He examined it and then asked why did it not speak to him. He then threw it to the ground. That gave the Spaniards the excuse they needed to wage war on the Incas. They opened fire, and over the course of 2 hours more than two thousand Inca soldiers were killed. The Spanish then imprisoned Atahuallpa in the Temple of the Sun.

Ini dia kisah raja malang, Atahualpa.  Atahualpa pantas diketemukan Robert Spencer ( Will Robert Spencer kiss Atahualpa ?, the victim of  a peaceful religion ?).

Raja Atahualpa adalah Raja Inca yang meninggal pada tahun 1533 karena kerajaannya yang indah dirusak dan dijarah oleh manusia yang “beradab” yang dilindungi berkat Tuhan. Seperti kaum fasis beragama lainnya , maka menjadi semacam kesalehan demi misi suci melancarkan dakwah, kaum Kristen Spanyol yang tidak mengenal kebajikan lain selain lewat salib Kristus, dengan tegas mengancam Atahualpa untuk terima Kristus atau tidak, jika Atahualpa menolak maka ia akan dibakar hidup ( persis kisah auto da fete nya Voltaire). Raja ini tokh, akhirnya dikubur secara Kristen.


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4 Nop 2010.


Ini adalah bukti paling terang yang menjelaskan bahwa,


Kristen bukanlah agama Kasih dan Damai. Dalam kisah ini orang-orang Kristen gemar sekali melakukan pembantaian atas orang-orang yang sama sekali tidak mempunyai dosa.


Orang Kristen adalah orang-orang yang suka memaksakan orang lain untuk menerima agama Kristen. Atahualpa adalah salah satu orang yang menjadi bukti dan saksi betapa orang Kristen memaksakan agama mereka yaitu Kristen untuk menjadi agama bangsa Atahualpa.


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